Kaplan Exam Prep
Scholarship Program

Kaplan Exam Prep
Scholarship Program

Why are we giving away scholarships?

We would like you to help recognize exemplary students who will become the future of the finance industry.

Kaplan is always looking for ways to give back to the educational community.

It is a way to keep universities informed of new opportunities for their students.

Student Requirements

All business or finance students are eligible who are at junior, senior, or graduate level.

The recipient must redeem their scholarship within 18 months.

The recipient must choose their scholarship package upon redemption.

University Requirements

Each university provides a contact person to receive the scholarship certificate (provided by Kaplan, who will have all of the redemption instructions).

Each university will inform all potentially interested business or finance students via email about the scholarship opportunity and application process (determined by your university), including the deadline for application and the award date.

The university will award the scholarship at a logical event (club meeting, department banquet, etc.).

Kaplan encourages the university to publicize the scholarship and award recipient through various channels (e.g., student newsletter, School of Business website, etc.).

Why consider this opportunity?

Kaplan will provide your school with one scholarship per semester.

It is a turnkey program with very little work for your university.

There is no fine print and no cost to you.

Your university is in control (i.e., you define who you reward it to and why).

Your award recipient chooses from an array of programs for his or her benefit:

CFP® Exam Prep Review

CFA® Exam Prep

CAIA® Exam Prep

FRM® Exam Prep

Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) Exam Prep


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